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Session 1 – The Creepy Carnival Train – Part 1

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Session 1 – The Creepy Carnival Train

Let us take a trip into the FiberVERSE, a universe full of magic, wonder, and mystery. Our current session brings us to the current date of the 3rd of Tempus in the year 1374. Our players woke up like any normal day, some in their own village or town and others on their way to a big city. They wanted to start the day like they usually would, but none of them knew what was in store for them.

It was early morning, like most mornings in Tempus, the weather was beginning to warm up for the day. Our players beginning their normal routines, from prepping their gear to going to their guild to receive their orders. Unbeknownst to them, they are being watched by an unknown entity, a dark god from a failing plane of existence. As the players are in the midst of their routine they are met with a traveling carnival of some sorts. This carnival was either already set up in their towns luring them in or just arriving and passing their villages in need of assistance. Whichever it was, the players were meticulously targeted and a plan was enacted to capture each of them.

After being captured in various ways the players woke up, groggy, disoriented, and having a MASSIVE headache one by one in some sort of dark lit room on a pile of hay. Not knowing anyone, the players had to team up and make their way out of this nightmare. As they began to move around, the disorientation began to wear off and they started to feel better. They realized that the room seemed to subtly rock back and forth and they heard this familiar clicking and clacking sound. After some time the party managed to find a door at the end of this room, while they got closer to the door they realized that the sickness they were feeling earlier started to come back, that disorientation and knot in their stomach and headache. They managed to break open the door with ease and when the dust settled they were able to see what was on the other side.

The walked through the broken door and were shocked to see that they were on some sort of train, but the worse part was that they were some place not known to them, possible a different world or plane with devilish creatures flying around. Luckily these creatures didn’t seem to notice them, there seemed to be some sort of protective barrier shielding them from sight. They crossed over to the next car and smashed the door down to reveal another dark lit room.

This train car looked similar to the last, the difference was that there were two large platforms in the center of the room. As the party entered the room they we ambushed by these devilish acrobat creatures. The party dispatched them with ease, once they gathered their senses together and the adrenaline wore off, a weird maniacal laughing came from the location of where the door the party broke down. As they approached the laughing, a timer and two buttons appeared out of nowhere one green and one red with giant letter saying do not push. Before the pay could make a decision the timer began to run down, forcing an immediate decision. The party decided to press the red one, once they did that the buttons disappeared and a giant explosion happened behind the train car they were in. From what they could tell, the previous car derailed and exploded behind the train. After they realized what happed a creepy face with bright green eye and mouth appeared. This is when everyone realized that they wee being played by a lesser known god.

Now it was time to move forward, they made their way to the other side of the train car to find a ornate door that had unusual and unknown markings on it. No one knew or has ever seen this language before, knowing that time was not on their side the party began to panic and try everything they could think of to open the door. The tried physical force which only repelled it back at them, as attempted to pick the locks, only to find out that there was no place for them to use a lock pick. With no ideas left, the minotaur received a message in his head. The words “Collect all three and we shall see, At the mark of three, Will this door open free?”

Once that saying popped into the head of the minotaur three key holes magically appeared. And the party began to search for these keys, they realized early on they wouldn’t be easy to find. During their search, the Wizard and minotaur barbarian found a pile of body parts. As they searched through the pile they noticed a key towards the bottom of the pile at which they attempted to grab it, at this time the hands came to life and began to grab onto them, attempting to choke and suffocate them. With both of them rolling very well on their DEX saves they managed to dodge and grab the hands of each other. The other key was found by the bloodhunter, who with some very acrobatic maneuvers managed to dodge and evade a swinging hammer while jumping from trapeze swing to trapeze swing. The third key was found by the fighter, paladin, and rogue on the other side of the room, no one knows how because NO ONE decided to ask questions as to how they acquired it. As they inserted the keys into the slot they heard a similar laughing behind them towards the end of the car. As they approached the end of the car they saw the same face laughing, a timer with the numb 30 on it, and two buttons a green one and a red on with the words DO NOT PUSH again written underneath it. Once the party realized what it was the timer suddenly switched to 15 and started counting down. This time they decided to press the green button. At this time the floor boards started to fall from the car and the party ran back to the door. Once they reached the door they noticed that a new phrase was over a newly opened hole the size of an arm in the middle of the door, able to read it again the minotaur spoke the phrase out loud, Are you willing to give up something in order for me to open? The floor boards have reached all the way to the second platform and they had to make a decision. The minotaur decided to stick his arm into the hole and at that time a clamp locked onto his wrist and a little needle stuck his had and drew some blood and then a lever popped into his hand, he pulled it and the door opened.

The party tried to run through the door, as the falling floor boards have reached about 10 feet behind them. This time as they ran out the creatures outside noticed them, and as they ran out they seen another door in which they had to break down. They did this and tried to dodge the flyby attacks from the creatures, unfortunately the fighter didn’t survive and was grabbed and taken off by one of the nightmare creatures. They reached the next car to find themselves in a passenger type car. It had five doors, two on each side and one with large slots in it in front of them. They tried the doors and each of them were locked except for one, as they opened it they saw a room full of old used tools covered in blood and skin, as well as body parts strewn about. A quick search yielded them a tablet with a Cat inscribed on it, the party took the tablet and placed in into the correct slot on the door and they head another door unlock behind them. As they opened the door to this room, they quickly realized that this was some type of torture room, where they would stretch the victims until their limbs were torn off, in this room they found another tablet with a snake inscribed on it. Same as before the party took the tablet and placed it in the correct slot and another door unlocked. This room opened up to what looked like a storage room that had broken boxes and junk all over the floor, in this room they found another tablet with a snake on it. Same as before, slot went into the door nd another one unlocked. As the party went to open this door the room instantaneously filled with a black smoke and the party heard giggling in the room. Unable to see well the party was surprised by some type of smoke creatures. Again the party dispatched these creatures pretty quickly. As the last smoke creature fell the fog in the room dissipated, leaving a small table in the middle of the room with a tablet on it. The party took the tablet and placed it in the door and as they did a voice amplified over the air. The voice stated “I can see my experiments have been to easy for you, but I can assure you that these next ones won’t be.”

As the door opened it revealed the next area to be identical as the last, five doors with two on each side of the hall and one at the end. This time all the doors were locked and there were four empty slots on the door. The party grabbed the tablets our of the previous door and placed them into the current locked door, as they did this they heard door unlock behind them. As they opened this door, the room was pitch black and they heard this odd noise. Unable to see the Wizard attempted to create flame into the room, which instantly fizzled out due to a magical dampening effect in the room. They than lit an arrow on fire and shot it into the room which ignited an oil troth around the perimeter of the room, igniting enough light to see. The party noticed that room was abnormally large for this train ca, about 50 feet long and it was filled with some type of scarab bugs that covered the entire room except for where the fire was and at the end of the room was a pillar with a new tablet on it. At this time the Tiefling with his wings decided to attempt to fly into the room. As he flew in the scarabs started to fall on him and eat away at him and his armor. He managed to make it to the pillar and back with minimal damage to himself and armor and a frog inscribed tablet. Just like the previous hallway, they placed a tablet in the door and another door behind them unlocked.

This room opened up to a similarly large room with a pillar in h middle and some sort of very large creature in the middle attached to it with a chain. The beast looked to be sleeping so the dragonborn decided to make his way into the room stealthily. As he made his way closer to the beast he noticed the sheer horror of it. Making his way to the other side of the room and finding another keystone with a bear inscribed on it. As he grabbed the tablet a loud siren shook the entire room, but before the Dragonborn could turn around the beast was up and right in front of him but luckily the chain kept him at a distance. Unfortunately no matter which side he chose to walk down the beast would be able to get to him, so the party had to act fast. The Kalishtar Bloodhunter decided to mind link with the beast and speak to him, she found out he was stolen from his family and that he was very hungry. So the Tiefling ran back to the other room and took some of the body parts an fed the monster allowing the Dragonborn to escape with the tablet. Just like before, they placed the tablet into the slot and unlocked another door.

This room had no floor the party could see, only dark murky water, and at the other side of the room a pillar with a tablet on it. Any attempt to fly over or swim in the water would cause giant tentacles to come from the water and attack and grapple the party. The Tiefling found this out the hard way, as he attempted to fly over the water his wings would cause air pressure to hit the water and the tentacles would attack. As they grappled him the tentacles started to drag him into the water. Luckily before hand the party tied op around his waste and they were able to drag him back to safety. After scanning the room the Bloodhunter noticed small wall climbing stones on the sides of the wall leading all the way to the pillar on the other side. She made it pretty fa until she rolled a 1 on her check and fell into the water and the tentacles began to drag her down. The party made a quick decision to try and distract the tentacles by using mage hand to skim the water, in doing so this split the tentacles up allowing the Bloodhunter to break free of their grasp and escape back up the wall. This time she made it all the way to the other side and was able to grab the tablet. Once the tablet was removed from the pillar this caused the water to drain and uncovering what the party has been dealing with. A giant octopus creature with large tentacles, now very angry from being uncovered from the water, started to attack the Bloodhunter, after a few rounds of combat the party was able to kill the creature but in its last act the octopus creature exploded and covered the Bloodhunter in a think black ink like material. Unable to breath and move well the Bloodhunter began to suffocate and lose consciousness. At that time the Tiefling carried the Wizard over to aid in breaking the Bloodhunter out. After breaking her out and saving her life they were able to return to the hallway and place the tablet in the door, once again unlocking the last door.

What will happen in this last door?, Will the party survive it, let alone this mysterious nightmarish carnival train?, We will see!

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