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Kitchen Table

Want to build you own kitchen table?

We needed a new kitchen table, I built one this past summer but the issue with it was I didn’t have all the tools I used in this build. The wife and I loved it because it was big enough for all of us to sit comfortably and eat as well as big enough to have a party and have about 10 o so people sitting there playing games.

Another issue I had with my first table was I used wood that wasn’t planed and jointed so it began to separate at points, but with this one I just recently purchased a planar and jointer which made the joints crisp and equal.


99% of the material for this project was built with 2×6’s, the only different sized wood used were the 1×4’s for the lip of the table on the sides. In reality though I planed and jointed all the wood so none of them are the original dimensions.


Items List



1-1/4″ Pocket Screws

2-1/4″ Pocket Screws

Wood Glue

” Brad Nails


Ryobi Miter Saw

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