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HEY!!......We are Fiber Inc. we are a small group, (mainly the wife and I) who like to make and play things.  So we figured we'd share our stuff with you!

We began during the pandemic because we got bored and the wife wanted to buy a lot of furniture, and when you have to stay inside the house all day long all you do is notice things you don't like about it.  So I began to make custom furniture and other stuff to put around the house.

As we grew, and people liked what we had, I thought that we should began to design and make our own products and show them to the online world.

As for games, we just like nerdy things for the most part, and after I converted my wife to nerd status, I brought her into the fray, which made me want to DM my own games, which then led to me creating my own universe for my group.

So join us as we grow and make more products, games, and friends along the way!!!